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Truck Lock
Reduce dock related accidents
Caused by:
• Premature trailer departure
• Trailer creep
• Landing gear collapse
Hit the play button to view a demonstration. You’ll get a good picture of how this product will help you avoid legal hassles.
Dock Levelers
Chicago Truck Dock can provide the right dock leveler for every application and budget. Our sales staff will help you assess your needs and decide which leveler is right for you.

No pit?
No problem!
If your building doesn’t
already have a pit,
Chicago Truck Dock can
construct one for you.

Seals & Shelters
Dock seals and shelters surround the top and sides of the dock door opening. The tight seal created prevents energy loss, reducing heating and cooling costs. Seals and shelters also help to control insects, prevent product damage, and improve safety, security and employee comfort.
Chicago Truck Dock services and installs all makes and models of industrial loading dock doors.
  • Sectional Doors
• Rolling Steel Doors
• High-Speed Doors
• Traffic Doors
• Strip Doors
  High-Speed Doors
•Allow traffic to move efficiently
•Conserve energy
•Maintain a cleaner environment
•Can operate thousands of cycles per day
  Traffic Doors
•Open on impact and close automatically
•Stand up to punishing abuse by pallet jacks and rolling dllies
•Control temperature and noise
•Maintain a cleaner environment
•Provide security
•Constructed with FDA- and USDA-approved materials
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